Advent Mystery CAL: Amigurumi basics Part 3 colour changes and closing openings


This is the last post in the Amigurumi basics series.
I hope you’ve been practicing your magic ring and invisible decrease.

The thing about animals is that many of them are not one single colour. Most consist of at least two. So, if you want to make little amigurumi animals you will need to know how to change colours correctly.

I’m also going to show you how to finish off your amigurumi pieces so the closures look neat and tidy but first up: Colour changes!

Advent Mystery CAL Tutorials
Step 1:
When you have reached the stitch before the colour change begin by inserting the hook, yo and draw up a loop like normal.
However you will not be completing the stitch with the old colour.

Advent Mystery CAL Tutorials
Step 2:
Make sure you have the old colour yarn secured between your thumb and forefinger, together with the crocheted fabric.
Pick up the new colour, yo and pull the new colour through the two loops on the hook.

You’ve changed colour!
It really is that easy.

Did you notice that the yarn end in the photo above had a knot at the end?
there’s no reason to leave a long tail with amigurumi, since it can’t really unravel, however, I prefer to make a nice big double knot on the tail end side. I then fold it over to face the direction I’m crocheting in and crochet over it for a few stitches.

Advent Mystery CAL Tutorials
This is what the colour change looks like. Perfect stitches with matching front and back loops for each corresponding post.

Advent Mystery CAL Tutorials
Here’s a view of the wrong side showing the knotted end of the new colour.

One last tip:
Try to work the dormant colour into the stitch, that way you won’t have yarn crisscrossing the inside which makes it easier to stuff the amigurumi.
Just make sure you don’t pull on the dormant yarn once you’ve picked it back up again. Pulling will cause bunching, and you don’t want that!

And now, last but not least: closing openings.

Once you have completed the amigurumi piece you will, more often than not, be left with a little opening, and one stitch left on the hook. do not slip stitch the yarn to the next stitch, it’s unnecessary and also creates an unsightly knot.

Instead do the following:
Advent Mystery CAL Tutorials

Advent Mystery CAL TutorialsStep 1:
Cut the yarn leaving a long tail to weave in.
Hold your hook and pull it up and away from the amigurumi. Pull until the yarn end comes loose from the loop that was on the hook.

Advent Mystery CAL Tutorials
You should have something that looks like this.

Advent Mystery CAL Tutorials
Step 2:
Thread the yarn end onto a tapestry needle and insert the needle through the front loop of the next available stitch. Make sure you insert the needle from the front to the back, as pictured above).
Pull the needle up and tighten the stitch. At this point you don’t need to pull very tightly, just make sure you don’t have a long loop.

Advent Mystery CAL Tutorials
Step 3:
Repeat the above stitch for the remaining crochet stitches.

Advent Mystery CAL Tutorials
In the end you should have something that looks like this.
That already looks neater than before: you can’t see the final round of stitches anymore.
Now gently, but firmly, pull on the yarn end to close the opening completely. Leave a teeny tiny bit of space for your needle (Step 4).

Notice how it’s kind of like a magic ring?
Cool, right?

Advent Mystery CAL Tutorials
Step 4:
Insert the needle through the centre of the opening and pull the yarn end to the inside of the amigurumi. You can now give the tail end another nice tug to close the hole completely.

Advent Mystery CAL Tutorials
Step 5:
Weave in the tail end by bringing the needle out next to any stitch. Insert the needle through a stitch, or two (behind the ‘v’ of the stitch).
Reinsert the needle through the stitch directly after the ‘v’ used.

Advent Mystery CAL Tutorials
Step 6:
Bring the needle out at a different point, change direction and repeat Step 5.
You can do this several times if you like.

Finish off by inserting your needle and bringing it out at a different point.
Pull slightly and cut the remaining yarn, while the tail end is under tension. Once cut, the yarn should disappear back into the amigurumi piece.

And there you are!
You should now be ready for 24 cute little woodland themed amigurumi.

30. November 2015 by Stephanie Davies
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