Door 1: Harry the hedgehog


Are you ready?

Have you got your 2mm hook and DK yarn?

Today you will need beige and dark brown yarn.

Don’t forget the fibrefill, tapestry needle and scissors, and, if you battle finding the end of the round, a stitch marker. If you don’t have a stitch marker you can use a paper clip or safety pin instead.

All the CAL tutorials  are written in US terminology, if you need to convert to UK terminology please look at my Stitch Index.

Today’s abbreviations are:
ch – chain
dec – decrease
inc – increase
puff – puff stitch (insert hook, yo, draw up loop) x2 in same stitch, yo, pull through all loops on hook.
sc – single crochet
sk – skip
st(s) – stitch(es)

Use of the second colour (dark brown) is signified in bold.

It is advisable to read the directions before starting, just so you have an overview of what’s happening.

Say hello to Harry the hedgehog.


Harry is really small, if you used a 2mm hook and DK yarn he should be about 2.5cm from nose to bum.

To make Harry begin by making a magic ring with the beige colour.

You’re starting at the nose.
Round 1
Make 5 sc ito the ring and pull the ring closed (5 sts).
Don’t worry if it’s not 100% closed you can close it more during the next few rounds.
Round 2
Inc x2, (ch2, sc in 2nd ch from hook), inc, (ch2, sc in 2nd ch from hook), inc x2 (10 sts).
In this round you’ve just made the ears with the ‘ch2, sc’s.
Round 3
1 sc in each sc around not counting the scs made to form the ears (10 sts).
When crocheting this round make sure you pin the ears forward using your finger, so that they pop up and to the outside.
Round 4
3 sc, (sc, puff in same st) x5, 2 sc (15 sts).
Round 5
3 sc, (puff, sc) x5, 2 sc (15 sts).
Round 6
3 sc, (sc, puff) x5, 2 sc (15 sts).
Round 7
3 sc, (puff, sk 1) x5, 2 sc (15 sts).
At this point you want to stuff the body quite firmly.
Use the back of your crochet hook, or a pencil to pack the stuffing in tightly.
Round 8
3 sc, (sk 1, puff) x2, 2 sc (7 sts).

Cut the dark brown yarn and stuff the yarn end into the body.
Cut the beige yarn with enough length to close the opening by sewing it up from one side to the other. (You won’t be using the closing method described in Part 3 of the Amigurumi basics series I did.)

To make the eyes:
Cut a length of dark brown yarn and make a double knot on one end. Thread the other end onto a tapestry needle.
Insert the needle into any hole created by the crochet stitches on the underside of the body and pull the yarn really hard to pop the knot into the body. You may need to use a crochet hook to push it through the stitch.

Manoeuvre the needle to the head and exit through one of the holes in front of either of the ears.

Make one small stitch around the base of the crochet stitch in front of the ear. Repeat for the other eye.

Well done!
You have just completed Harry the hedgehog.

I’ll see you tomorrow when I reveal what’s behind door number two.

01. December 2015 by Stephanie Davies
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