Door 8: Toby the toadstool


And here’s another little piece of flora, well, are mushrooms considered flora too?

Anyhow, this is Toby the toadstool and I think he’s quite a little darling.


Today you will need red and light grey or white yarn.

Don’t forget your 2mm hook, fibrefill, a tapestry needle and scissors, and, if you battle finding the end of the round, a stitch marker. If you don’t have a stitch marker you can use a paper clip or safety-pin instead.

All the CAL tutorials  are written in US terminology, if you need to convert to UK terminology please look at my Stitch Index.

Today’s abbreviations are:
ch – chain
dec – decrease
hdc – half double crochet
inc – increase
sc – single crochet
slst – slip stitch
st(s) – stitch(es)

It is advisable to read the directions before starting, just so you have an overview of what’s happening.

Begin by making a magic ring with red yarn.
Round 1
5 sc into the magic ring, slst round closed, pull ring closed (5 sts).
Round 2
Inc in each st around (10 sts) finish with an invisible join as follows:
Leave the hook in the loop made by the last stitch. Cut the yarn with enough length. Now pull the loop which is on the hook up by moving the hook away from the work. This will pull the yarn end out of the stitch. Don’t worry the work will not unravel!
Thread the yarn end onto the tapestry needle. Insert the needle through the first stitch of the round, from the front of the stitch to the back. Finally, insert the needle between the two loops of the last stitch made. You should now have something that looks like a proper crochet stitch.

Make a magic ring with light grey or white.

Round 1
5 sc into the magic ring, pull ring closed (5 sts).
Round 2
1 sc in each st around (5 sts).
Round 3
1 sc in each st around (5 sts).
Round 4
1 sc in each st around (5 sts).
Round 5
1 sc in each st around (5 sts).
Round 6
1 hdc-inc into the front loop in each of the five stitches (10 hdc sts).
Round 7
1 sc into the back loop of each of the same five stitches (5 sc sts).
This step might be a little tricky, you can make it easier by twisting the tip of the hook over and then hook back loop with the crook (curved part) of the hook.
Round 8
Inc in each st around (10 sts).
Round 9
(1 sc, inc) x 5 (15 sts).
Cut the yarn with a good length, thread on needle and weave this piece to the underside of the red piece. Insert the needle through the bump situated under the back loop of the red piece.
Once the stem is connected embroider specks on the top of the toadstool in a haphazard manner.

Finish Toby by adding one more round of red along the edge in the following manner:
Slst the yarn to any stitch, 1 sc in same st, 1 sc in next st, inc, (1 sc in each of the next two sts, inc) x 4, close with an invisible stitch, as described above.
Push the outer round down to create the dome shape.

Now you can add Toby the toadstool to your growing collection. .
Please share him on Instagram with #adventmysterycal2015 so that I can see your creation.

I’ll see you again tomorrow for Door 9.

08. December 2015 by Stephanie Davies
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  1. Just wanted to let you know that I look forward to this Advent Mystery adventure each day. I am loving the projects!! My sincerest thanks for sharing each and every pattern!

    • Aww, thank you!
      Please share your creatures. I would love to see them.
      You’re welcome! I am enjoying making them 🙂

  2. While he’s no flora
    He is a fungi ( fun guy )

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