Five Tips For Improving Your Business

So, last SAturday’s workshop went really well.
I did a demo showing how to make the flower for the flower fairy light garland and also gave a talk on how to improve your business.
Below are the slides I used for the presentation, as well as a few comments for each slide.
By improving I basically mean being able to sustain yourself with your business, not simply making a few extra bucks on the side for a movie ticket or a mani/pedi.

Position yourself in the market. Don’t try to do everything. If you specialise on something you will get further quicker.


Decide where you want to sell your goods.



You need to find your target market and focus on that market. Your target market will largely be dependent on what you sell and where you sell it.



Make sure your branding reflects your business. Hiring professionals to help you might cost money but it will make your business look professional.
You need to be active on social media because, lets face it most people are on social media these days. If they can’t find you online you may as well not exist.

Become a planner. Be efficient with your time and, if you work with your hands all day break up craft time with other tasks like admin and social media, so that you don’t end up crafting for five hours without a break. That’s not healthy.

People who buy handmade want a personal connection with the seller, so include something unexpected in their order. This could be a thank you card, a little something extra, like a star crocheted out of scraps that took you five minutes to make, or even a discount voucher for their next purchase.

Make sure you also take care of yourself. Work things like physiotherapist or chiropractor visits into your pricing, so that you can restore yourself. Craft somewhere comfortable that will not harm your posture. Crocheting in bed or on the sofa in a slouchy position is not something your body will thank you for.

I’ve posted this pricing formula before but since it was part of the talk I’ve added it. You can adjust it, if it seems that your prices work out too high for your target market but make sure that you are actually earning good money from what you are doing.

Also, if you are planning on making and selling, it might be a good idea to approach manufacturers directly, as this will lower the cost price but will still give you a good profit. Or, if that’s not an option, negotiate a good rate with your LYS.


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26. February 2014 by Stephanie Davies
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