Little Woollie Crochet Star

So, I was looking through my Facebook Crochet List last week and came across a lovely treasure called Little Woollie. The tutorial for Julie’s Crochet Star was shared by one of the crochet pages on my list (unfortunately I can’t remember who shared it).
I just loved the bright little stars and they looked really easy to make.

You know that I like designing my own patterns or just make things up as I go along but since I’ve been working on moving and  improving my blog I thought it might be fun to feature little projects made by others. Try them out, let you know what I thought of the pattern and instructions and so on.
I don’t want to become a critic, so I’m not going to be mean about anyone, so if I feature your pattern or tutorial on my blog rest assured that I liked it and think your project is great.
So, onto these wonderful stars.
Julie’s stars are really bright and colourful, she used up lots of yarn ends making them and you can literally come up with millions of colour combinations for these stars but I wanted something a bit more sophisticated for my little stars.
During the week I was working with a blue-green and chocolate colour (making owl eyes) and I noticed that those two colours actually go together really well (not a colour combo I would usually pick), so I thought I would make some stars with this combination.

Little Woollie's Star

The tutorial for the stars is really easy to understand and follow and the photos are beautiful (you know me and presentation). There are some great tips on sewing the individual diamonds together to form the stars too.

Little Woollie's Star

Little Woollie's Star

Little Woollie's StarI just adore these little stars.
Using a DK yarn with a 4mm hook the stars are approximately 15 cm across.
I was going to add strings to them so that I could hang them in the window, or in a tree but I decided just to leave them as they are. They are wonderfully squishy and just fun to hold and cuddle.
Eliana loves them too, as you can see from the Instagram photo below 🙂

I’m already planning on making smaller ones to turn into Christmas decorations (it is June and I think it’s time I started on this year’s Christmas gifts).
I also want to get some chunky yarn and make some larger ones into scatter cushions for my couch 🙂

Please do go and have a look at Julie’s blog, it is lovely, colourful and full of beautiful ideas.


30. May 2013 by Stephanie Davies
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