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This post is going up a little after I uploaded Episode 7 of the podcast, sorry about that. Eliana is on holiday and time is scarce 😉
If you want to watch the podcast you can do so right here…

So, what have I been up to over the past month?
Quite a lot actually… which is why I’ll jump straight into it.

I finished a few things, first off, my Squishalicious Shawl by Julia Pehl of the Happy Knitting Podcast.

I used yarn from Das Mondschaf, it’s her glitter sock yarn in the Hanami colourway.

My second finished object is my Piha shawl designed by Alia Bland from The Little Bee. I used single ply merino lace weight yarn from Nurturing Fibres (the grey) and ColourSpun (pink).

I loved making both these shawls. The Squishalicious was a really fun and easy knit and the textured stitch does truly make it very squishy.
I did end up unraveling the entire grey section of my Piha shawl again because it did turn out far too big and also far too deep. I love the border and, if you know the Piha shawl, you’ll have noticed that I did not do the tassel border. I don’t do tassels, so I was very glad that Alia included an alternative border. If you haven’t bought the pattern, go and buy it now. It is worth every cent. Not only does it include photo tutorials but also charts for each of the sections.

During July I also made a few quick projects, mainly for last minute gifts but also for our new addition, whom you’ve seen in the above photo.
We got a kitten at the beginning of the month. His name is Diego and obviously Diego needed a cat basket, so I made one for him using t-shirt yarn.

If you’d like to know how I made it you’ll have to watch the podcast because I explain the process in quite a bit of detail during the episode.

I made two large squishy heart pillows with a chunky Lana Grossa yarn for a set of twins, who’s birthday we went to recently.

I used my 20 minute 3D heart pattern, which is incredibly easy to adapt to any yarn weight as well as any size you like.

Then I made a few little chickens for a lady from the knit/crochet group I go to. I was invited to her birthday last week and he loves chickens.

I used Nurturing Fibres Eco-Cotton for the chickens and I will film a tutorial for them soon.

Of course I’ve got a few wips going too… as usual 😉

I have two knitted shawls on the needles, well, actually I finished my Exploration Station shortly after I filmed the last episode, and if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you’ll have seen it.

I used Das Mondschaf yarn for this too and I love how the colours work together. If you have bought this pattern but are waiting because you’re scared of it, don’t wait… it really is quite simple. Most of it is done just in knit stitch and the brioche is really actually quite easy, especially with Stephen’s video tutorials to help you.

The second shawl is my Talisman shawl designed by Helen Stuart of Curious Handmade. It’s going to be a beautiful shawl but I am finding it quite tedious to make, since it’s mainly knit and purl rows, with an occasional accent thrown in. It obviously doesn’t help that I’m making the large version in lace 😉 but I am going to finish it, slowly, slowly.

Then I started something else new, because that’s just how I am 😉

A few weeks ago a yarn company came to visit the knit/crochet group I attend.
The company is called Lilu’s Märchengarne and they specialise in gradient yarns which are made by winding three or four strands of thin cotton/acrylic thread in to cakes. The cake starts off in one colour and then after a certain meterage the first thread is changed to the next colour, then the second and so forth. It’s not the type of yarn I usually go for since it’s a 50/50 cotton and acrylic blend but I just had to try it out and really do like it.
I bought two cakes of three ply and, after seeing a Sophie’s Universe made with some of the yarn I decided to make one of my own.

I’m a bit further than shown in the photos, you can see my latest progress in the episode, if you like.
I truly love working on my Sophie and Dedri Uys is an excellent designer!
If’ you haven’t made a Sophie yet, get some yarn and start!

The second cake is going to become a Monsoon Stole, also by Alia Bland.

Lastly, I started yet another blanket, yes, I know…. I’ve got four on the go already! However, this one is a cosy memories blanket, which I’m crocheting with sock yarn leftovers.

So far I’ve got 10 squares done. I picked a lacy square design so I wouldn’t use too much yarn for the squares. I’m also joining them as I go along. I can’t wait to add more squares to it!

Lastly, I wanted to share some acquisitions with you…

The first is not yarn related. It’s a necklace made by Mummybird Pretties I’ve been following her on Instagram for a long time and have always wanted one of her necklaces but having lived in South Africa it was a bit expensive and shipping is always a problem. So when I saw she was having a sale I just went to have a look and found something I really liked.

I only ordered the necklace but apparently it took a bit longer than usual for Claire to ship it, so she included the key chain as well, as an apology.

Lastly, I ordered some more yarn, unfortunately I don’t have a photo, but I suggest you watch the episode to see how lovely it was packaged.
The company is called Woll Exclusiv and I met her at the H&H Expo earlier this year.
She specialises in high quality natural fibres and she has some lovely fibre combinations, such as Camel Silk and a Merino, Mulberry silk and Ramie combination. She sells mainly over Facebook and her yarn is definitely not cheep but the quality is amazing and the colourways are exceptional.
Here’s a photo to show you a sampling of her colours.
Amazing, right?

Well, that’s it for today… I’ll let you know when the chicken tutorial is online.
Happy crafting <3

01. August 2016 by Stephanie Davies
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  1. Hi,
    In this blog post you mention that you use Lana Grossa wool. I am desperately trying to find the brand in South Africa – can you maybe recommend an online/physical store in Gauteng where you bought it or which might stock the yarn?
    Many thanks!

    • Hi Nora, unfortunately I don’t know where you would get it in South Africa, I relocated to Germany almost two years ago now.

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