I don’t know about you but I kind of love Pinterest. Especially the iPhone app, which I find much easier to use than the online version.
I have quite a collection of crochet pins on my various crochet related Pinterest boards, but I thought I would share a few interesting finds with you today, so, no tutorial this week.

  • If you are new to crochet you might want to have a look at craftyminx’s Crochet School she’s very organised and the lessons follow on nicely from each other. There’s a page with a table of contents so each lesson is easy to find and she also provides links to the next lesson, previous lesson and table of contents at the end of each lesson. Some examples of lesson topics are: ‘Yarn Basics’, ‘The Slip Stitch and Weaving in Ends’, and ‘Reading Crochet Charts’. There’s even a ‘Mid Term Exam!’ and ‘Common Mistakes/Fixes and Graduation!’.
    The lessons are video based, one for lefties (YAY!!!) and one for the rest of you 😉
    She also gives assignments at the end of each lesson, such as, ‘Practice making increases’.
    Definitely worth a visit, if you’re new to the craft, or are thinking about taking up crochet.
  • Have you heard of the Chainless Foundation Stitch?
    I only discovered it a little while ago. I have seen a number of tutorials about this stitch and I want to share two of my finds with you.
    The first comes from Vashti’s Crochet Pattern Companion. She compares three different foundation stitches, provides a comparative tutorial and explains what each of the variations is best suited for. I found it a very interesting and informative read, since she provides a bit of history as well.
    The second is a brilliantly detailed photo tutorial by futuregirl, I can’t really say more about it than that! Do yourself a favour and take a look at the tutorial, even if you know how to do a foundation stitch already. This is what a photo tutorial should be!
  • Next I would like to share the wonders of the Invisible Decrease with you. I was made aware of this phenomenal stitch by a fellow Instagramer and it has revolutionised my decreases, especially for amigurumi type crochet. This decrease is not necessary, or desirable for every project you may undertake but when it comes to amigurumi it is definitely my first choice.
    It really is invisible!
    This photo tutorial comes from planetjune and also has a leftie version (yay yay!!!)
  • Lastly, if you don’t know about Drops Design I don’t know where you’ve been hiding. They have beautiful patterns for all sorts of items, from scarves, to hats and gloves and more. The best part is that the patterns are free (PDF downloads) and you can even choose from a variety of languages.
    It’s supposed to be spring going into summer here, although today feels like winter; cold, overcast and rainy and right about now I am wishing I had this snuggly Magic mobius neck warmer and hat with squares to wrap myself up in. I haven’t had the pleasure of using their yarn but it looks absolutely yummy.

So, that’s it for today then, have fun exploring the links above and feel free to follow me on Pinterest.
I’ve also created a public crochet list on facebook full of inspiration from fellow crocheters, in case you’re interested.

08. October 2012 by Stephanie Davies
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