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Well, I don’t know about you but I am in a bit of a spin at the moment. I have two weeks to finish all my Christmas presents as well as a few outstanding orders. Obviously I can’t really share any of the Christmas presents with you because then they wouldn’t be a surprise any more.

One thing I can show you is this cute little mouse that I made for Eliana.
It’s not crochet but it’s completely hand made. My sewing machine is broken, so I had to hand-sew the entire thing. It was actually quite fun and I gained huge admiration for seamstresses prior to the invention of sewing machines!

After taking this photo my hubby was adamant about the eyes being too small, so I’ve made them a bit bigger and I also added a little heart on the pink side of the torso. All the material used is from Eliana’s old baby clothes that don’t fit her anymore. I don’t really have the space to store all of her old clothes so I tend to give them to a friend who sells them in a jumble sale to raise funds for the hospital she works at but some of the outfits were just too cute and special to give away, so I decided to make them into this mouse.
The pattern is from Ottobre Designs and you can find it here. My mom found it for me and thought I might want to adapt it for crochet, but I quite liked it just as it was. The pattern actually calls for tweed, which is firmer than the material I used, so the mouse is not as round as mine.

I thought I’d also share a couple of lovely crochet finds with you.
Most of these come from Facebook, so I apologise if there’s no link except to the Photo.

First up, this cute little coin purse from 1.2.3. Let’s Create on Facebook. There’s an entire album of diagrams with different coin purse ideas! I thought this sun purse was quite cute 🙂

Next up is this totally adorable yarn bomb. It’s just too darn cute! It’s from Knitty Graffity‘s Facebook page.

Next a cute idea for using up yarn scraps. This is a knitted project but it could easily be adapted to crochet.
It’s from Simply Notable. I had to add at least one project with Christmas deco 😉

Cork Forest Knitted Christmas Tree Free Pattern

Now, you know I love a good mobile and this one is just too adorable! Again the photo is from Papatya orguler’s Facebook page and unfortunately it’s not in English either and it’s also knitted but I love it! The colours are great and it’s so fun!

This next one is also a knitted item but I love the fact that it’s multi functional! A beanie and a cowl? ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS, and easily adapted for crochet. This one is from Ceyda’nin Dunyasi‘s Facebook page, again not in English.

Now I’m always on the lookout for a lovely lace pattern, since I’ve made the Nadja lace and Raya Clover lace patterns and I found two very lovely ones, again on Facebook pages, with diagrammes. The first has a lovely flower border and comes from this page, which I think is in Arabic?

And the second comes from here and looks like a classic piece of lace. Imagine making meters of either one of them?

Lastly, I saw this gorgeous packaging idea and thought I’d throw it into the mix.
After all part of the fun of giving and receiving gifts is the presentation 😉
This comes from Love, pink and happy ladies‘ Fanpage.

Well, that’s it for the moment, I need to get back to my hook.
I will probably be a bit more quite over the next few weeks, seeing as it’s Christmas and all of that.
I’ll pop in once in a while to say hello but I won’t do any proper posts or tutorials until next year.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a lovely holiday season.

11. December 2012 by Stephanie Davies
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  1. wow, that post gave me some really cute ideas. Thanks for sharing! (And I just LOVE the idea of making a stuffed animal out of old baby clothes.)

  2. Hello, Lovely links and ideas thank you.
    As I am a crocheter, I think I will try to turn that lovely christmas tree idea into a crocheted one!
    Bestest holiday wishes to you
    daisy j

  3. I love those crochet laces, impossible to copy the pattern.

    • Velia, they are beautiful, aren’t they?
      I don’t think the patterns are difficult to copy at all. Lace is worked in short rows, so if you look at the first one you’ll actually see that the rows are numbered. Just follow that and the second one is drawn from left to right and I think the photo is quite clear.
      Should I do a post that explains how to crochet lace?

  4. The coin purse crochet pattern is too cute. Wish I had seen it before Christmas as I could have given them as gifts. Oh well…next year perhaps. I can get an early start.

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