A Granny Square Sweater


I made a sweater!
Yes, a sweater!
I’ve only ever made one other article of clothing, a little jacket for Eliana but it’s an entirely different story making a sweater for a ‘big’ person.

It was really easy too.
I made 18 granny squares and used nine for the front and nine for the back.
I sewed them all together and then added the sleeves and cowl in DCs.
It took me almost two weeks, which makes me want to make another one straight away…but I don’t have enough yarn for another sweater at the moment.

Actually I’m currently taking a break from crochet to knit a seed stitch cowl.
Yes! I am knitting!

I’ll post a photo when it’s done.

Just a heads up, if you signed up for email notifications but have not received the Spring is Sprung Granny Square pattern yet please send me a mail. I can’t see your email address if you signed up with your WordPress account.

24. May 2013 by Stephanie Davies
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  1. Fantastic! I’m quite a bit away from a sweater But it does look doable(: Great job!

  2. So Pretty!! I can’t believe it was as easy as you said, but.. I did decide to make a sweater for myself about 8 years ago, bought a book and everything!! And I am still cranking out afghans and baby blankets!! Some day!!!

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