About Me

Hello there!
Well, this is me…

it’s a bit of an older shot. My lovely and talented sister-in-law took it of me during my maternity shoot.

My name is Stephanie and I’m a Stay At Home Mom to Eliana.


She was born 22 November 2011 and was quite unexpected but is the biggest blessing to her Dad and I.


We still often ask each other how we ended up with such an amazing, sweet and loving child.
The block of photos above is part of a 365 project I did of her. You can have a look at my photography on my Flickr page. 

I also take all the photos you see on this blog, either with my iPhone or my DSLR.

I love to cook and bake as well and if you follow me on Instagram  you can keep up with my culinary adventures too.




I do have a Ravelry account but I don’t really use it much ,except when I’m looking for patterns and inspiration, much of my  inspiration also comes from Pinterest and I have numerous crochet boards that you can follow if you like.

There are links to all the social networks I am part of in the right-hand menu.

Just a few things you might want to know about me:

I’m a Christian,
wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, photographer,
crochet nut,
qualified teacher,
mountain biker, horse rider, social media addict,
cook, baker, fine art graduate, saxophonist, bookworm, movie lover,
night owl,
animal lover, German living in South Africa.

What can you expect from this blog?

  • Tutorials for  patterns, techniques, tips and tricks.
  • Links to interesting crochet items found online.
  • Interviews and/or guest posts with/about fellow creative beings.

What sets this blog apart?

As a left-handed crocheter I understand the frustration with trying to learn how to crochet,  reading pattern diagrammes designed for right-handed crocheters and not finding many resources that cater to us lefties.
My blog promises photo tutorials that are easy to understand by left and right-handed crocheters.

My one-and-only-absolutely-essential-crochet-item (apart from yarn and hooks, of course!)? 

This book is a must have for anyone wanting to extend their crochet stitch repertoire.
It is absolutely fantastic and I recommend it to everyone!
You can buy it here or, if you’re in South Africa, here.

 Feel free to contact me via email if you

  • would like me to share something you made on my blog
  • have questions about techniques
  • are interested in writing a post for me


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  2. Hi stephanie

    Stumbled apon ur blog through fb. Not sure who I follow that follow u, im forever ‘surfing’ for cute crochet projects and love to see the dot co dot za behind a blog or site. Read these bits about u, and couldnt resist to leave a reply. I got such a warm feeling when I read that you are also a Believer, wife and mom. Looking forward to following more posts and projects.

  3. Hi
    I am in the southern parts of gauteng. Have a lovely day.

  4. thanks for inviting me. I’m in Brisbane, Australia.

  5. My first attempt at learning filet crochet led to an unusual finished piece. I am totally right handed and the friend who tried to teach me was a left hander! I was so discouraged it took me years before I tried again!–this time with a right handed teacher!!
    My youngest daughter is ambidextrous so she must remember which hand she uses to start a project–otherwise her work often ends up being frogged as it looks pretty weird!!

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