Chainless Double Crochet Tutorial

Since I joined the Scheepjes CAL many people have been asking how to substitute the chain3 at the beginning of each round of the squares.

Many participants shared links to tutorials similar to this one. Initially I wasn’t really bothered with the idea of a chainless double crochet because I used to decrease the the number of chains by one and then placed the needed stitch into the same place as the chains.
However, I was a bit curious as to how this chainless dc is made, so I watched some of the videos.
I tried out the chainless dc the way that it was done in the tutorials but didn’t like the result. For me the bottom of the stitch is just to narrow and it’s not a very convincing chainless double crochet.

I started experimenting a bit and came up with a better method, which I am going to share with you.

I used t-shirt yarn because it’s easier to photograph 😉
I’m showing you how to make a chainless DC in the round but the same principle works for flat work as well.

Now for the tutorial.

Step 1:

After making your magic ring secure the yarn by making a slip stitch around the magic ring.
Pull the slip stitch tight, but not overly tight.

Now pull the loop on your hook so that it becomes bigger. At this point it’s not necessary to have a loop that is the same height as a DC stitch, in fact it’s better to have a longer loop.

Chainless Double Crochet

Step 2:
Open the loop up, when using normal yarn (and not taking photos for a tutorial) I use the thumb and index finger of my hook hand to do this.
Make sure that the part of the loop that is closes to you is closest to the crook of your crochet hook.

Chainless Double Crochet

Step 3:
Twist your hook towards you and then insert it through the opened loop. This creates two ‘yarn overs’ on the hook.
You will have to practice this motion to perfect it.

Chainless Double Crochet

Step 4:
Wiggle the twisted loop so that it forms an x on the hook. You can now shorten the twisted loop to the height of a dc stitch, this will also take a little bit of practice. Don’t worry if it’s slightly too long, once the round is closed you won’t notice it.

Chainless Double Crochet

Step 5:
Insert your hook through the magic circle and draw up a loop as you normally would.
Now complete the chainless dc as you would a normal dc ( yo, work off two loops, yo, work of two loops).

Chainless Double Crochet

Step 6:
This is what your completed chainless dc will look like. Don’t worry about the fact that it is wonky, it’ll be corrected when you close the round.

Chainless Double Crochet

Step 7:
Complete the round of DCs as per normal.

Chainless Double Crochet

Step 8:
To close the round you will slip stitch into the chainless DC.
Turn your work so that the side of the chainless DC is visible.
You will notice a small loop at the front (closest to you) and a long loop which runs the entire height of the stitch at the back.
It’s the two loops which my fingers are touching in the photo.

Chainless Double Crochet

Step 9:
Insert your hook through the small loop at the front of the stitch.

Chainless Double Crochet

Step 10:
Insert your hook through the long loop at the back of the stitch.
Now complete the slip stitch.

Chainless Double Crochet

And there you go!
One round of DCs with a chainless DC to start with done!
As you can see the chainless DC does not look any different to the other stitches.

Chainless Double Crochet
You can use this technique with all stitches from a DC upwards.

The hook and t-shirt yarn are available at Yarn in a Barn, Hilda has a lovely online store, as well as a physical store in Hartebeespoort.
The wooden hook I was using here is hand made specifically for T-shirt yarn. It has a longer shaft, which makes it more comfortable to hold and use.

07. November 2014 by Stephanie Davies
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  1. Thank you for another alternative!!! I so very much appreciate when someone discovers a new way of doing something AND through hard work and thought process, sharing it!

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