Coming soon: The Emma Doll pattern

Hi there!
For those of you who might be new here, I have been designing (as well as doing the layout and photography) for Vinnis Colours yarn since January. Vinnis Colours is manufactured right here in South Africa and it’s my go-to-yarn for most projects.


I’m so happy that this little hobby of mine is finally making some actual money! Don’t you love it when something you love doing becomes financially viable?


Anyway, I did want to sell the pattern for the Emma doll but after having left the instructions in a notebook for a good long while I’ve thought about it and I want to share her with you for free, to say thank you for all of your support on my Facebook page, on Instagram and here!


So, to tease you a bit, here’s a photo of Emma. You can start thinking about yarn to use for now. I used Vinnis Colours Nikkim 100% cotton DK for everything except the hair, which I used African Expressions Hope for.



16. May 2014 by Stephanie Davies
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