Hitting the wall

You know what I mean, right?
Sometimes you slam straight into it. The wall!
There’s nothing you can do. It just rises up out of nowhere, when you least expect it.
Occasionally you can damage control because there are certain symptoms and if you pick up on them early enough you may even be able to avoid it entirely but most times it just connects you. BAM!
It’s also called creative block and I know from my experiences in teaching that when it happens quite a few people claim they just need to ride it out. Or, if we continue with the wall example; wait for the wall to collapse, or magically disappear again.

I think waiting for something to happen is just a copout. I’m sorry if that’s blunt.

An abandoned wip

The absolute worst thing to do when you hit that wall is to sit down and do nothing. Trust me, it’s another thing I’ve learnt. You need to climb over it, look for a way around it, or try burrow under it. Remove one brick at a time, until you have enough space to squeeze through a gap. Try anything, as long as you don’t just sit still and do nothing.

I’ve hit the wall recently!
I haven’t really designed anything new in the last few weeks. Most of the things I’ve made have been based on patterns I’ve designed in the past. I’ve also made a shawl by another designer.
There are a few reasons why the wall has snuck up on me, although, if I think about it now, I should have realised it would happen.
So, what do I do when I hit said wall?

Pax shawl by Aoihbe Ni

Keep on working on something, even if it’s the wip throw that you’ve stuck in the back of the cupboard and labeled, ‘to be continued when I have more time…’

A creative block is the perfect time for pulling out those seemingly never-ending projects, like brainless throws, or granny squares or any other easy to follow patterns.
Set yourself a task to crochet five squares a day, or make it into a challenge by trying to crochet as many squares as you can in half an hour.
Do anything, except sitting around doing nothing.

My go to ‘hit the wall’ project at the moment is a shawl I’m designing. I keep putting it down because I get asked to make other things but I keep picking it back up again and the simple act of completing a stitch and doing that same action over and over again is calming and frees up your mind.

The ‘hit the wall’ shawl

So, next time the wall hits you, don’t bury your hook and yarn but take it out. Start a granny square, or carry on with a long-lost wip and just crochet through your block.

If you have any other tips and tricks for getting through a creative block please do share them.

07. November 2013 by Stephanie Davies
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  2. I thought I was the only one. I’m smack dap face planted up against my wall at this moment. I was to crichet, but have no creatI’ve energy in me. I’ll start a priject, unravel said project. Search endlessly online for a pattern only to get discouraged. I’ll revisit old projects to only remember why I stopped that project lol!! So I searched “hitting the crochet wall” as a joke. Never imagined I’d find this. Thankful I’m not the only one and feeling just a but more confident I’ll get through it. Crochet is supposed to be my happy place, not the cause if my stress haha! Thanks again!

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