Introducing Eve

Meet Eve.


My first proper crochet doll.
I have made one other doll but I wasn’t 100% satisfied with her, so I had to try again.


Those of you who have been following my work for a while will know that I rarely work with a pattern.
I love the challenge and creativity that comes with designing my own articles.
Plus, it’s kind of awesome to look at something and think, ‘I made that! all by myself! From scratch!’


It’s also pretty cool to think that no one else will have the same thing, well, unless I sell the article of course. Or share the tutorial with all you lovely people, like I did with my overlay heart for example.


I must say that I am not a very good planner. I never have. Even at school and university I never did much planning for my artworks. I did a sketch or two because I had too but that was pretty much it.
That’s not to say I didn’t plan my work. It was all done in my head though.
And that’s what I did with Eve too.


I had an idea in my head, mainly an thick braid, a hat of some sort and a cape. She had to have a cape.
That was pretty much it.
I started out by making her body, beginning with the head and working all the way down to the legs in one piece.
The arms were added on afterwards.


Then I gave her hair, which is one of the most difficult things about doll making, I think.
So, here I had this naked doll with a big braid and of course she had to be called ‘Eve’. There was no other choice really.


Over the next few days I gave her a hat, dress, underwear, boots and finally a cape.


I am exceptionally pleased with the result and will definitely be making more dolls in the future.
I’ve already got an idea for a little ‘Adam’ 😉


A few statistics:
Eve is just over 20cm tall
It took me around five days to crochet her, not continuously, obviously 😉
I used Vinnis Colour Nikkim 100% cotton yarn and a 4.5mm hook.
I used SC stitches for the body, boots (with a few HDCs) and underwear. The hat, dress and cape are made with an extended SC stitch, which creates a lighter, flowing fabric.

05. April 2013 by Stephanie Davies
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  1. I just love her! I bought a pattern from Maggie Weldon Crichet site. It’s for a curvy crochet doll named Suzette. I made her but left her naked and added hair in strategic places and added a lil color on her boobs for nipples. She still has no clothes and I’m going to leave her like that, but I am going to make another one with clothes!
    I love your work! You do lovely work and don’t use patterns! I’m soooo jealous!

    • Thank you 🙂
      Oh my! She sounds fantastic, you must send me some photos of the doll. I’ll post them on my site, if you don’t mind. stephanie (at) radiate (dot) co (dot) za

  2. I make doll clothes also. I make them for Polly Pockets, Barbie and her family, baby dolls and 18 inch dolls. And like you I very seldom write down the pattern. When I start with or totally use a pattern from someone else I always try to remember to give credit where the idea came from.

    I posted quite a few on my blog on March 29th.

  3. oops, doll clothes were on March 23, 2013

  4. She is perfect and beautiful. I hope if you share the pattern I don’t miss it. Awesome. 🙂

  5. Proper indeed!! She’s gorgeous. I am the same way when it comes to patterns. I just recently made a bunny with no pattern and actually had the sense to write down (most) of what I did. I felt very accomplished. Well done! 🙂

  6. Oh she is lovely! My daughter would love this! 🙂

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