My new hook


So, yesterday I couldn’t take the cramping hands anymore and asked the hubby if he could go across the road from his work to get me a cheep bamboo 4mm hook to replace the one I snapped last week.
He came home and surprised me with this instead

15. November 2012 by Stephanie Davies
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  1. I love the KnitPro stuff! <3

  2. I just came across your blog and I loved it!!!! I saw a picture of it on The Creative Crochet Crew on Facebook, something done with little elephants, and I came immediately to see if you had posted the pattern, but couldn´t find it… anyway I came across wonderful patterns and stitch explanations! Awesome, congrats on your had and so creative work… I would love to have the elephant tutorial… xoxo
    Soledad from Uruguay

    • Thank you Soledad!
      Unfortunately I won’t be sharing the elephant pattern. I sell those wholesale and retail and South African copyright law is such that once a pattern has been published the copyright is lost and since I don’t want people to imitate them I am keeping the pattern to myself for the moment, sorry.

      • Thank you for your explanation, I completely understand. Unfortunately I am too far away to buy one! they are absolutely lovely!
        Congrats again on your work and on the blog itself!

  3. what a lovely hubby! They do manage to surprise us occasionally don’t they 🙂

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