Radio Silence

Remember me?
Yes, maybe?
I’m the left handed crocheter who used to bring you lovely tutorials and so forth.
I am so sorry that I have been so scarce lately. The last few months have been just a bit hectic for us as a family.
We moved back to Johannesburg from Durban and are still in the process of moving house. We’re currently staying with my parents.
Needless to say routine has been interrupted at the moment and I’m finding it quite difficult to blog (not that I haven’t got a mountain of projects to share with you).
Don’t worry, I will start posting tutorials again soon and I do have some lovely ideas to share with you.
For now I just want to make you aware of the fact that I am now also writing for Your Family Magazine, a national South AFrican magazine.
I’ve also designed a really gorgeous pattern for them, which will be featured in their January issue. I’ll show you some photos of the design once it’s published and I may even run a give away for a copy of the magazine 😉

Anyway, here is the link to the tutorials for now.

06. November 2013 by Stephanie Davies
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