Recipe for a crochet basket

Spike Stitch Basket
I’m calling this a recipe because there are one million variations for this basket.
It all depends on the yarn you are using and on the size you want to make your basket.

Spike Stitch Basket

For this particular basket I used 5 strands of Vinnis Colours Nikkim in Turquoise and a 10mm hook.
The Nikkim is a DK cotton yarn. A similar result can be achieved with any other yarn though, whether it’s a super bulky or T-shirt yarn.
You could also try combining different types of yarns for a more textured basket.

Spike Stitch Basket
I started off with a magic ring and made 10 half double crochets.
Then I used the standard increase formula (adding 10 stitches to each consecutive round, at an equal distance) and increased for 5 rounds ending up with 60 stitches.
I worked in rounds not spirals, closing each round with a slip stitch.

I don’t substitute chains for stitches, instead I make only 1 chain at the start of each round and then place a half double crochet into the same stitch as was used for the closing slip stitch.
When using taller stitches I use a chainless stitch instead.

Spike Stitch Basket
Once you have made the base the size you wish, you will need to start working up the side.

There are a few ways of doing this:
To create a rounded bottom simply stop increasing and work 60 stitches per round until your basket has the desired height.
Another method is to use only the back loops, this creates a slight edge to the bottom.

For this basket I used back post half double crochets.

I find that this creates a completely flat bottom with a straight edge, which is what I prefer.
When making the back post half double crochets make sure that you end up with the correct number of stitches (in this case 60) at the end of the round.
In order to make the correct amount of stitches you will need to make one half double crochet around the post of the very last stitch from the previous round, effectively working between the last and first stitch.

Once the post stitch round was done I made one round with single crochets.

For the remainder of the basket I used an alternating spike stitch, to give the basket more stability.
The spike stitch is a great simple stitch that also creates a lovely texture.

For the spike stitch you simply make a normal single crochet but insert the hook through the stitch one round lower down. This creates the little spikes.
Alternate between a normal single crochet and a spike stitch all the way around and in the consecutive rounds place a spike stitch on top of the single crochet, and a single crochet on top of the spike stitch.

You can use any type of stitch for the side of the basket, however, single crochets and half double crochets work best, since they create a firm fabric.
Front and back post stitches are also a good idea as they also strengthen the side of the basket.

Spike Stitch Basket

Once your basket is the height you desire you can either simply fasten off, or give it a more finished look by using the reverse single crochet stitch (also known as a crab stitch).
I used the reverse stitch but spiked it for every second stitch, continuing with the same pattern I had used for the side of the basket.

Spike Stitch Basket
If you use this recipe please share photos of your creations with me by posting them on my Facebook page, or tag me (@stephaniedavies) in your Instagram photos.

01. December 2014 by Stephanie Davies
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  1. Thank you very much for this lovely recipe. You make it all sound so simple. I have made one basket, after frogging it a few times. The next one I make, I am going to make this recipe.
    Im loving crocheting with Tyarn, its a great new experience.
    Have a good day. And Happy Hooking to you.

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