Scheepjes CAL 2014 week 3 and 4

So, by the time I eventually completed week 3 it was already halfway into week 4 and I decided to just combine the two into one post.

I’ve finally caught up with all my squares, weaving in ends and blocking.
I completed week 4 on Wednesday and took the photos yesterday. I had planned on posting yesterday but I just ran out of time.

I know I’ve said this before but I am in love with this CAL!
Every square is more interesting and more beautiful than the last.
Marinke has done a superb job and I cannot wait until all the squares are completed so that I can start joining them together!
I know the finished blanket will be spectacular!

Anyway, I did promise you a few proper photos from week 2 as well, so lets begin there.

For those of you who have been following me for a while, you will know that I tend to save the yarn ends from big projects. They just look far to pretty to throw out.
Here are the ends from week 1 and 2.
Week 2 contributed quite a bit to the stack.
Scheepjes Wol CAL 2014
I just love this square, and I think I said on Instagram that I would LOVE to make a blanket using only these square. I think I’d use a DK yarn though, and in only one colour.
I must say that I crocheted these squares a bit too tightly. It took quite a bit of convincing to get them to be the correct size!


Scheepjes Wol CAL 2014

Here’s a lovely stack of squares from week 1 to 3.
The week 3 squares weren’t blocked at this point, so they are a bit wonky.
I do love the colours I chose though and am really glad that I decided to make each square a different colour, or combination of colours.
You’ll see what I mean at the end of the post.

Scheepjes Wol CAL 2014
Some more stacks of week 1 to 3.


Scheepjes Wol CAL 2014

Scheepjes Wol CAL 2014
My unblocked squares for week 3.
For week three I decided to use three colours per square. I chose three tones of grey, pink and blue/violet and initially wanted to simply change the order of the three colours per square but then decided to take it a bit further by making squares 4 to 6 in a combination of grey, pink and blue/violet.
Here’s the result.

Scheepjes Wol CAL 2014


And a few more ends to weave in 😉

Scheepjes Wol CAL 2014


Now on to week 4.
This square was wonderful!
I love everything about it: the gorgeous flower in the centre, the three rounds of filet crochet and the stunning detail in the corners, which is really subtle but adds a beautiful finish to the square.
You can see that Marinke put a lot of time and effort into the design of each square!

Oh, and don’t you love my new heart pins? <3

Scheepjes Wol CAL 2014


Here are some photos of all the squares os far.

Scheepjes Wol CAL 2014


I love the randomness of the colours, and yet even with the randomness the repetition of the patterns pulls it al together.

Scheepjes Wol CAL 2014



I can’t wait to add the rest of the squares!

Scheepjes Wol CAL 2014


And a final photo of my square storage box 😉



Scheepjes Wol CAL 2014


31. October 2014 by Stephanie Davies
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Comments (10)

  1. Yes! Commenting is possible now 🙂 Good job Stephanie!

    I love your squares and your style of photography. I’ll be back for more….

  2. It is beautiful! Love the colours too!

  3. The colors you chose are really great, and I like your choice to do multiple colors in one square. Can’t wait to see it all finished, it will be stunning for sure!

  4. Your posts here and on IG have been so beautiful that I just ordered a kit and downloaded all the instructions and will be doing this later this fall. I can’t wait!

    Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

    • Thank you very much, Monica!
      I must just say that I am not using Scheepjes Wol, I mentioned that in the first post about the CAL.
      I’m using a local yarn, Vinnis Colours Serina instead.

  5. I wish you could have the time to do a tutorial on week4. I just cannot do this flower at all. I got the long petal rings no trouble, but just don’t understand the very next instruction – “Working behind the loops from round 2 ” ????????
    Not too sure either, what exactly Sl sto to (whatever, dc or next ch1 sp, etc.). Just how do I do that please?

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