Scheepjes CAL Week 1

When I started designing a few years ago and trawling the internet for crochet inspiration I came across this mysterious abbreviation: CAL, which turned out to be short for crochet along.

I’ve never taken part in one, mainly because I haven’t had the time, or because they just didn’t interest me but when my friend Marinke announced the Scheepjes CAL on her blog about a month ago I decided to jump in to the deep end and join.

It literally is the deep end of CALs, since it’s a Mystery CAL for a blanket! Mystery, because we won’t know exactly what the blanket will look like until the end of the CAL in another 11 weeks time! YIKES!
Marinke teamed up with Scheepjes Wol, who put together some beautiful packages with yarn for the CAL. I think they were sold out within a few days and a second colour option was included.
If you still want to join here’s the square for week one, the second square will be posted on Marinke’s blog tomorrow (CAN! NOT! WAIT!). There is also a facebook group for the CAL which you can join for support.

So, here are my impressions of week one:

When I decided to join the CAL I originally wanted to use the Scheepjes Wol because it was actually quite reasonably priced!
I did decide against it in the end though simply because the South African Postal Service it completely unreliable and I did not want to spend the money and then risk the yarn not arriving. (Good thing too, since a few days after I decided not to order the yarn, the post office went on strike and has been ever since!)

I decided to look through my stash and ended up picking a few colours of Vinnis Colours Serina. I did have to order more but it didn’t work out to much more than what I would have paid for the Scheepjes Wol.
I still want to try some Scheepjes Wol and am thinking of ordering a few different types of yarn from them. I’ll have them sent to my aunt in Germany, who is visiting us next February. That way I don’t have to worry about whether I will actually receive the yarn or not!

Here’s my colour pallet for the CAL.
I have three balls of each colour, except for Midnight, which I have seven of, this colour will be used for joining the squares and for the border.

Scheepjes Wol CAL 2014

Scheepjes Wol CAL 2014

Scheepjes Wol CAL 2014

As soon as I saw the pattern I loved it! Marinke is a great designer, whose patterns are always really beautiful, and although the square might look complex the design, when broken down is actually quite simple. I didn’t have any problems reading or following the pattern.
What I did have trouble with was my tension!
I started out with a 3.5mm hook (Marinke recommends a 3mm hook) because I know that my tension is quite tight and because my go-to-hook for Serina is a 3.5mm.

Scheepjes Wol CAL 2014
I ended up unravelling two squares and am now using a 2mm (!!!) hook for all the squares. The 3.5mm and 3mm hook gave me the correct size, 18cm squared, however I used too much yarn. 28 and 26 gram, which was just over half the 50g ball. This meant that I would not be able to get 6 squares out of three balls of yarn.

The dark square was made using the 3.5mm hook and the light square the 2mm hook. That’s a huge difference!


My vintage 2mm Prym hook. This is one of the first hooks I owned and was given to me by my mom.

I found the pattern incredibly intuitive and I think I stopped following it once I passed the half way mark. Marinke did a great job and (have I said it before?) I can’t wait for tomorrow and the next square!

I did block the first six square but don’t think I’ll continue since my squares are pretty much all the same size and because I know that the bamboo will stretch slightly anyway.

Scheepjes Wol CAL 2014

My first six squares.

I decided to make each square a different colour to make it more random.

I am thoroughly enjoying this CAL. I know I have many WIPs that need finishing but I decided that I actually need to take some time out and just do something for myself.
Some days crochet has just become too much of a job than fun.
Don’t get me wrong, I still love designing and am not planning on stopping for a long time!
However, I can’t remember the last time I crocheted something for myself!
It’s always for someone else and that is kind of taking some of the joy out of it.

That’s the main reason I joined this CAL.
I just want to make something for myself.
Something beautiful and fun and something where I don’t need to design anything myself.

Scheepjes Wol CAL 2014

09. October 2014 by Stephanie Davies
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  2. I love this pattern, great for a blanket.

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