Scheepjes Cal Week 2

Well, what can I say, when I saw the sneak peek of the square for week 2 of the CAL I was so excited!
I LOVE using popcorn stitches and I immediately started thinking about colour choices. I’ve realised that I will probably not manage with three balls per 6 squares, so I’ve thrown the idea of solid colour squares out the window.
I’m going to make a wild and colourful mishmash of a blanket!

So, having looked at the sneak peek I decided then and there to make the popcorn stitches in a different colour to the rest of the square. Assuming (wrongly) from the photo, that the popcorn stitches were arranged in a continuous shape around the square.
Well, to my dismay they were arranged in diamond shapes on each corner of the square! YIKES!

How was I going to do that with colour changes without having a million ends to weave in?

I do not do the ‘carry the yarn’ thing! I really dislike it! You just cannot hide the unused colour between the stitches. It always sneaks it’s little ugly head out, even when you are being very careful!
I also have a tendency to pull the yarn too tightly, which means that the squares won’t sit flat.
The only option I could think of on Friday, in my excitement after seeing the gorgeous square, was to CUT the yarn before each colour change!

Which meant a million ends to weave in!!

That’s a LOT of ends!

I am glad that I sat down to weave them all in before starting the second square though because it gave me time ti think up other solutions.

The top photo shows the right side and the bottom the wrong side.
Someone in the facebook group asked if you wouldn’t be able to see the ends when they are woven in.
No, you can’t see them, but it did get very tricky to find space to hide all the ends, especially in the popcorn stitches. I just ran out of stitches to weave the ends into.

I also realised (after!! I wove in all the ends) that my tension was a bit too tight with this square.
I’ll decide whether or not to make a new one towards the end of the cal, but I’m also actually ok with it’s imperfection as it was a learning curve for me.

So, how did I do – or rather, how AM I (I still have two to finish, but I”m taking my time. After all it’s supposed to be fun!) doing the rest?

I’m using three balls of yarn!
It might look like there are a lot of ends in the photo but actually what you’re seeing is four strands of the green yarn.
I’m centre-pulling and using it from the outside, with a separate strand for each popcorn corner.
I’m carrying the purple yarn to the end of each round and then I’m cutting it and attaching it at a different point on the next round.

In order to do this square most effectively I did change the starting point, Marinke’s pattern is written in such a way that one starts in the centre of the round but I’ve changed it so that I start on the popcorn stitch.

This is really easy to do:
Marinke’s pattern uses 2 chains in the the corners and I replaced those with 1 chain and a single crochet. Then I crochet the first popcorn stitch around the ch1 and sc. It’s that easy 😉

Yes, that’s still quite a few ends to get rid of but MUCH less than in the first square!

Here you can see the grey yarn being carried behind the popcorn stitches. I then crochet around it in the next round, hiding it under the popcorn stitches.
It works very well for this square because you are using the popcorn stitch, which creates very dense set of stitches.

As you can see, the grey yarn is not visible through the magenta stitches. Well, there is one tiny little spot of grey poking through but that’s ok 😉

Here’s my fourth square in progress.

And two of my completed squares.

These squares do need some blocking, which I’ll do once they are all done.

What else can I tell you about week 2?

Oh, yes, my colour choice….

I decided to use the colours from Week 1 for the popcorn stitches and the remaining colours for the rest of the square.
I made another little error here, thinking that I’d have six colours for the dc stitches but of course this is not correct!
The CAL called for 12 colours but the 12th colour is for the joining and border!
So, one of the squares will consist only of colours that I used in week 1 as well.
Again, that’s ok because I’ll repeat this idea with different colours throughout the CAL.

So, that’s my – not quite completed week 2.
Sorry for all the Instagram photos!
I will take some proper photos of all my Week 2 squares once they are blocked and I’ll include them in Week 3 as an added bonus.

I’m also working on a little blog post where I’ll be comparing how much yarn is used in crochet compared to knitting.
It’ll be a two part series and I’ll post the first part early next week.

Well, now that that is done I’m going to have a little rant.

If you’re not taking part in this CAL you won’t know about it so let me just fill you in.

My friend and fellow designer Marinke teamed up with Scheepjeswol, to bring crocheters around the world a free mystery CAL. There was no fee involved, apart from the yarn purchases, which quite frankly was not obligatory either!
Since the creation of the facebook group a number (luckily not the majority) of members have been complaining, arguing, hating and even threatening my friend! This has been escalating to such an extent that she has decided to leave the facebook group. The group for her OWN cal! Simply because she cannot abide the amount of hate mail and complaints.
I find that so incredibly sad, and also totally unnecessary!

Why is it that some people feel it necessary (and right) to turn something so wonderful, something that should unite crocheters from around the world, something that should be fun and uplifting and enjoyable into something so perverted!

People! You didn’t have to pay to join the CAL!
The group is there so others can try help you! There are members in the group who have gone so far as to make videos, photo tutorials and even diagrams for every week so far!
You didn’t even have to buy the yarn! And if you do decide that you can’t continue, for what ever reason, you could use the yarn for a different blanket!
Or, you could just continue slowly, at your own pace! After all it’s not a race! You can take two years to complete the blanket if you need too!

Rant over!

I personally think Marinke has done an excellent job! Her patterns are clear and easily understandable and I cannot wait to see what tomorrow’s square looks like!

16. October 2014 by Stephanie Davies
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  1. Hi. I came across your blog looking for free crochet patterns. I am a crochet lover living in Namibia, so it is nice to know there are other crochet lovers not too far from where I am. I would like to post some links of some of your patterns on my blog, if that is ok with you?

    • Hi Talita,
      of course you may link to my blog!
      I’ve been to Namibia and loved it. We did relocate to Germany about four months ago, so not that close to you anymore. It’s also the reason I’ve not blogged for a while.
      Take care

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