The Little Yellow Duck Project

The Little Yellow Duck

Last week the South Africa group on Ravelry was challenged to take part in The Little Yellow Duck Project.
The project is to raise awareness of the need for donors of blood, stem cells and organs. Little yellow ducks are being crafted in a variety of ways then left where people might find them. There are some lovely, fun, ducks which can be seen in the group and on various other social media sites.” – words by Woolhelmina on Ravelry.

Sally, who’s idea it was to start a sit and stitch group for the Northern Suburbs of Gauteng immediately took charge and has organised a little Gauteng vs Cape Town contest with loads of great prizes up for grabs. Go take a look if you want to take part!

The Little Yellow Duck

The Little Yellow Duck

The Little Yellow Duck

What does all this mean though?

I’ve been thinking about it since we were challenged, can you believe that South Africa wasn’t even involved in this project until last week? And that from the country that performed the first heart transplant!

The Little Yellow Duck
The first thing that came to my mind was that I wanted to design a little duck. Something really small, that can be done in an hour or so while watching some tv in the evening. I have so much other work to do at the moment that I really didn’t think I would be taking part in this challenge at all.
Well needless to say, I’ve made three little ducks since Saturday and they really are quick to make. Is that enough though? Surely simply making little ducks and placing them in areas for people to find and make them aware of the issue is almost a copout, unless you also donate blood, or become an organ donor?

The Little Yellow Duck

The Little Yellow Duck
I have a bit of an issue with the idea of donating blood (needles give me the heebeegeebies!) but what of becoming a donor?
I am going to be quite honest, I have not had a chance to think this all through 100%, so I have no answer yet, however, this project has definitely made me aware. I guess it’s served it’s purpose then, right?

The Little Yellow Duck
For now let me leave you with my little yellow duck pattern, which you are more than welcome to share and use as much as you like!
Ive added it as a PDF here, Little Yellow Duck Pattern, so you can download and print it 😉

On Saturday The Yarmies are also meeting up at Lattelicious on Nelson Mandela Square for a duck making marathon.
We meet from 14:00 to around 17:00 but feel free to join when ever it suites you.

The Little Yellow Duck

15. July 2014 by Stephanie Davies
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  3. terrible pattern half of it makes not sense at all 🙁
    I emailed a friend who also couldn’t make much sense out of a lot of the pattern and she has been crocheting for almost 40 years 🙁
    I wonder if anyone has even bothered to wade through the awful instructions to make this and actually succeeded?

    • Hi Kimmy,

      You are the first person to say anything negative about the pattern.
      It was tested and the instructions were checked, so I am not quite sure why you say that the pattern is terrible.

      If you could elaborate I might be able to help you?

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