The Rhino and Springbok

Every time I write a blog post I seem to apologise for the long silences between posts.
The truth is, I am just really busy, which is not a bad thing.
I have design work lined up for the near foreseeable future and my South African followers can look forward to more of my patterns in Your Family magazine.

The July issue features a fun and funky yarn bomb project, if you haven’t got your copy yet drop everything and run to the nearest store because the August issue is soon to hit the shelves, featuring some really easy girly projects that will hopefully inspire young girls to crochet too.

I never showed you what I designed for the April issue though, mainly because I was still settling into my new home and also because I became a bit despondent about the patterns when I was made aware of the fact that there were errors in the springbok pattern 🙁

I ended up reworking the entire springbok and the corrected pattern, as well as the directions to turn it into a unicorn  are now on the Your family website. The rhino is on the site too.

Max the unicorn

07. July 2014 by Stephanie Davies
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  1. Hi. Just wondering if there is a link to the corrected springbok pattern please as I’m really enjoying making him and managed to work around it on the head but on the body from around row 21 or so I keep having to try readjust and don’t want to alter too much in case I’m losing something somewhere? I still only have the original I think from your family 2014? Thank you and thank you for sharing this wonderful pattern.

  2. Hello Stephanie,

    I trust you keeping well!
    However please be so kind to assist me!
    I so much wish to crocher your beautiful
    SPRINGBOK! Please. Would like to make it bigger..i am a new commer to crocering!!
    I have asked some ladies from my area, how to make it bigger….but nobody can assist me as they don’t enjoy AMIGURUMI toys!
    Please be so kind to assist me, i would really appreciate it!
    Kind regards.
    Best wishes.

    Karien van den Berg.

    • Hi Karien!

      Hmm, the easiest way to make it bigger is to use thicker yarn.
      Any other way of making it bigger would mean having to completely rewrite the pattern, which I don’t have time for (sorry).
      So, if you simply double strand the suggested yarn and use a bigger hook (a 6mm should work) then you will get a bigger springbok.

      I hope that helps 🙂

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