The Spring is Sprung Granny Square Blanket

I have been rather silent up on the blog recently, haven’t I?
I do apologise but I am just a bit busy.
Spring is Spring Granny Square Blanket
Some days I can’t actually believe how this little blog has catapulted my crochet life into an actual job!
When I started A bag full of crochet I just wanted to share my knowledge and ideas with you. I never thought it would lead to freelance work for Your Family magazine, let along designing for Vinnis Colours yarn!

It’s actually amazing that I am able to complete any personal projects at all because there are deadlines everywhere! (plus I have a toddler to raise and a husband to look after 😉 )

Well, that’s enough about what’s going on with me for the moment.
Last year we received a beautiful wedding invitation to our friends’ wedding, which happened to be on 1 February.

That’s the newlyweds, Gideon and Jerusha, their photos were taken by Lad and Lass Photography and are amazing!
Jerusha also has an awesome blog This Red Lipstick, go check it out!

Now, two weeks before Jerusha’s kitchen tea (and about a month away from the wedding) I decided to make them a blanket as a wedding gift!
A 12×9 square blanket! In less than a month!

Spring is Spring Granny Square Blanket

Spring is Spring Granny Square Blanket

Spring is Spring Granny Square Blanket
So I may have been overzealous, after all that’s 108 squares we’re talking about and I wasn’t making just any old granny square blanket.
No! I had decided that I would use my Spring is Sprung granny square (because I needed an actual reason for turing it into a blanket!).
I was going to use eight different colours. Six for the flowers and two greens, a dark green for around the flowers and a light green to join them. And I was going to do all of that in under a month! A little crazy! I realised that it wasn’t going to happen when I couldn’t move my wrists anymore because I was just crocheting non-stop!
So I stopped.
At her kitchen tea I gave Jerusha a card explaining that she would be receiving a handmade gift and that it was currently under construction and that she would receive it as soon as possible.

It took three months to make in the end and there were a few times when I could have just thrown it out because I was frustrated by it (you can go through my Instagram feed to find out more about that). I also think that if it wasn’t a present I would never have finished it because it got so overwhelming at times but I did finish it in the end and I am so glad I did!

Spring is Spring Granny Square Blanket

It came out beautifully, just how I pictured it in my head and the added bonus: Jerusha loved it!
When The Raath’s came to collect it last Friday and I handed Jerusha the present she couldn’t contain her excitement.
We follow each other on Instagram, so she had a suspicion as to what was in the wrapping but she wasn’t sure.
She asked me if she could rip the paper because she was so excited and when she saw the blanket peeping through, she squealed with excitement and hugged me! In fact, she didn’t want to let go!

Spring is Spring Granny Square Blanket

That reaction alone was so totally worth the three months of work on that blanket.
I couldn’t be happier with having given it to them and I hope it keeps them nice and cosy on cold Cape Town winter evenings.
I said to them, that it would be perfect to snuggle under and Gideon said something to the effect of, that the plan was to do lots of that (with a mischievous little chuckle).

Spring is Spring Granny Square Blanket

So, for those of you who are interested in the stats on the blanket’s construction here they are:

Yarn: Raeesah cotton soft in 8 colours (sorry, silly me threw the labels away so I can’t tell you the colours)
27 balls of yarn were used in total!
Hook: 5mm
I used the join-as-you-go method to construct the blanket and must say that I don’t think I’ll ever make a blanket without it. It’s much easier and you can clearly see your progress.
In terms of colour arrangement I wanted it to be very random, so I (literally) threw all the flower squares onto my floor, spread them out and had Eliana help me to pick them all up again.
The blanket weighs 2.7kg (approximately) and I wove in over 800 yarn ends!

Spring is Spring Granny Square Blanket


If you are following my blog via email you should have received a copy of the Spring is Sprung granny square. If you would like details about how I joined the squares, and on how to make the little rosettes between the squares please feel free to email me.
There are also more photos of the blanket on my Flickr page.

16. April 2014 by Stephanie Davies
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  2. Stephanie

    Could I pretty please have a copy of your Spring is Sprung Granny Square Blanket. It is absolutely beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I will send the pattern for the square when I have a minute to spare 😉
      My internet wasn’t working yesterday so there’s a bit of a backlog.
      Please be patient.

  3. Hi, do you still have the pattern for this blanket? It’s beautiful and I love the colours you used.

    Many thanks

    • Hi Julia,
      If you have subscribed to my blog you will receive the pattern for the square.
      I apologise if you have been waiting for a while, I’m in the process of moving to Germany and things have been incredibly hectic here lately.
      I will get onto it as soon as I can.

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